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Connecting to Sacred Sounds

"Within you, there is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself."  [Hermann Hesse]

We are here to practice stepping out of thinking.


Part workshop and part sound bath. Join Licensed Vibrational Sound Therapist Betty Gauthier for this opportunity to connect with your own spirit on a deeper level and experience being in resonance with the energy of life. Set up as an intimate circle of sound and vibration, we will connect to the breath and co-create a shared sound bath meditation playing for ourselves and for each other as a unified group. This presents a beautiful opportunity for personal expression, deep listening, to feel connected to others, and to gain a sense of interpersonal support while strengthening body, mind, and spirit. Guests are invited to bring their own personal singing bowl and mallet/striker to this offering but this is not required for participation. Several instruments will be on hand for exploration.


We will be utilizing the studio floor for this offering. Please bring a zafu, thick cushion, or blanket for sitting. A limited supply of chairs will be available for those that need to sit off the floor. The studio doors will open 20 minutes prior, please plan to arrive early to allow time to check-in and get settled. Doors will close promptly at 2 PM so that we can begin the workshop on time.



LotusVoice Integrative Therapies

4994 Park Lake Road

East Lansing, MI 48823

$20.00 Advanced Registration WITH Online Payment
$25.00 Day of Event (If space is available)

Registration and pre-payment required to reserve your space. (Payment by credit/debit card is processed through Paypal. Please contact me if you have any problems making your registration payment.)