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SUCH GOOD NEWS! Gentle Earth will slowly begin seeing clients and offering community sessions beginning July 1, 2020! We are truly excited to get back up and running and imagine you are just as thrilled to return to your self-care practice. Oh, it's been a long spring and we have missed you so!

As a result of the far-reaching COVID-19 pandemic, there are several policies and procedures that we will be required to follow in order to maintain our license and stay compliant with governed sanitation and social distancing measures. We know that these new policies and protocols will be an adjustment at first but we want to assure you that Gentle Earth Sound Therapy has implemented these precautions in an effort to keep the studio environment as safe as possible for both clients and practitioners. We emphasize the reality that while these steps may make our shared experience safer, there is no known way to fully eliminate the risk of transmission and infection. This policy and procedure plan is provided to clients and participants as a reference guide to aid in the assessment of risk mitigation efforts. In lieu of a cure, vaccine, antibody tests, or other intervention for COVID-19, there is no way to venture back into this joint partnership practice without these protocols in place. This plan has been thoughtfully researched and created as a result of policies and procedures set forth from the CDC, OSHA, and LARA (State of MI) along with guidance from other entities such as the VSA and the ABMP. CLIENT SAFETY AND COMFORT REMAIN OUR GUIDING PRINCIPLES!

The following policy and procedures are now implemented for all private client appointments, public offerings, and workshops.


  • Daily appointments will be limited to 4 clients maximum.

  • Practitioner handwashing before and after each client appointment.

  • One hour preparation time between all clients.

  • New HIPPA compliant web-based intake form, COVID-19 screening, and client scheduling.

  • Payment of services required at the time of booking (unfortunately we can no longer accept cash and checks).

  • Required use of face-covering worn by BOTH practitioner AND clients during all appointments. (If this requirement cannot be fulfilled, your therapy session will be contraindicated and you will be asked to reschedule for a date when face-coverings are no longer required.)

  • Client removal of shoes upon entering for appointments.

  • At this time, no physical contact in the form of personal greetings.

  • Client use of alcohol-based hand sanitizer upon entering and leaving appointments.

  • Clients use of restroom facilities prior to arrival at studio to help minimize contact with shared surfaces.

  • Additional placement of alcohol-based sanitizer and tissue in studio space.

  • No-touch receptacles for trash disposal.

  • Non-permeable barrier used between heated mattress pads and sheets.

  • Practitioner change of clothes before and after client appointments.

  • Use of high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) purifiers in studio space.

  • Changing of all linens and blankets on therapy table between client use. 

  • Cleaning and sanitization of all commonly shared areas and surfaces such as therapy table, instruments, door handles, light switches, and handrails between all client appointments.

  • Relaxed cancellation policies for clients experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.

  • Beverages can no longer be provided for appointments; clients are encouraged to bring their own bottled water.


  • Registration limited to a maximum of 12 participants maximum.

  • 6' distance requirements in all studio areas and classrooms.

  • Participants must be pre-registered for offerings and workshops, walk-ins can no longer be accepted.

  • Enhanced participant screening and COVID-19 waiver form.

  • Online payment required at the time of registration (unfortunately we can no longer accept cash and checks).

  • Required use of face-covering worn by BOTH facilitator AND all participants (clients will not be admitted to offerings without face-coverings in place).

  • Removal of shoes upon entering the studio.

  • Participant use of alcohol-based hand sanitizer upon entering and leaving the studio.

  • Cleaning and sanitization of all commonly shared surfaces before and after each offering or workshop.

  • Yoga mats, cushions, blankets, and eye pillows can no longer be provided by the studio, participants must supply own for use.

Please note that information regarding COVID-19 is continually evolving. The above practice plans will be modified as necessary when further relevant data becomes available that necessitate a change in safety protocol.

We look forward to the day when we can go back to shaking your hand or giving a hug!

Until then, thank you for your trust, support, and patience as we move forward in this new direction.

You mean so much to us and we cannot wait to see you in person!      

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