Couple Sessions

"Throughout our lives, we long to love ourselves more deeply and to feel connected to others." Sharon Salzberg


Studies show that we have a deeper lasting connection with people whom we have shared experiences with. 


Couple sessions are a wonderful, transformative way to connect to a loved one, family member, friend or partner on an intimate level. We offer several options like Singing Bowl Therapy, Gong Therapy, Usui Reiki, and Sound Bath Meditation. Each session will also feature aromatherapy (unless otherwise requested).


For this special and private time together, you and your partner will remain fully clothed and experience your session side by side on our deeply padded therapy tables. Dressed with soft organic cotton bedding and heated to your liking, they will be fitted with supportive bolsters for optimal comfort and relaxation. After setting an intention for the session, participants are lead through gentle breathwork and guided meditation before the integrative therapy work is begun. Utilizing sound, vibration, and energy, Betty will partner with you to remove blockages, bring you into a state of peaceful harmony, and enhance the bond between you and your partner.

The benefits of these shared sessions are numerous and can including deep relaxation and meditative states, reduction of stress and anxiety, increased feelings of happiness, joy, and tranquility. Ease of chronic pain and inflammation, lowering of heart rate and blood pressure, reduction in chronic fatigue syndrome and depression. Stimulation of deeper sleep, increased mental and emotional clarity, and lessening feelings of anger or grief. 


Our ultimate goal is to leave you feeling refreshed, renewed, re-balanced, deeply nourished, and completely supported. Participants are requested to wear loose, comfortable clothing with no buttons or zippers for these sessions.

To help you decide which modalities are right for you and your partner, read more about our integrative therapies here:

Singing Bowl Therapy

Gong Therapy

Usui Reiki

Sound Bath

If you have any additional questions about these modalities, contact Betty for further information.



When you are ready to book your session, please include your choice of modality in the message portion of the scheduling form.