January 21, 2021  Procedure Update

At Gentle Earth Sound Therapy, numerous protocols are stringently followed in order to provide the safest environment possible for all private client appointments.  The safety measures we take continue to be informed by the CDC, industry experts, and the State of Michigan as outlined in the most current MDHHS Epidemic Orders.

With that in mind, below are adjustments that we believe will be more convenient and allow for a smoother appointment together.

NEW Pre-Screening ONLINE Form
We have developed an online Google form for our 24-hour Pre-screening Questionnaire. If you are able, please complete this form 24 hours prior to each appointment.  You will receive an automatic email reminder 48 hours before your appointment and a link to the pre-screening form will be included in that email.  NOTE – If you prefer not to do this step online, a pre-screening phone call will still be made to those who do not complete the form online by noon the day before their appointment.

January 2, 2021  Procedure Update

As we prepare to safely re-open, we continue to work tirelessly to prepare and provide a space that is safe and comfortable for your return to sound therapy and well-being appointments.

You can read our full COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan below. Also, for ease with pre-appointment and session protocols, an infographic has been prepared for quick reference. These are practices, procedures, and policies that show we take safety measures seriously. Your continued health and safety are our first priority!

As always, but especially now, we ask for clients to be open and honest if they have an appointment on the schedule and start to feel ill. Thank you!

Gentle Earth Sound Therapy Covid Preparedness and Response Plan

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