November 1, 2021


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Dear hearts, can you center yourself in silence for a moment?

Instead of waiting for something to happen, flip it just slightly and be fully present. Ask yourself, “Are you really here or are you just waiting for the next thing?” It's interesting to see where we are in relation to time; whether we're always between what just happened and what happens next, or whether we can fully be here now.

Let's find our way to be here together. If you're feeling anxious, just notice this feeling. If you are feeling cold, be cold. If overly full from eating, be overly full. Be it, whatever it is, but put it all in the context of a quiet space, because there's a secret in that, and it's worth playing with it.

There's a place that we can be inside of ourselves, inside of the universe, where we can appreciate the delight in life. Where we can still have equanimity, quality of presence, and the quietness of peace.

This is something I've been cultivating for many years now. Just imagine a mandala or a flower and think about the center of it and how all the parts come out from the center. Think of the center as absolutely still and all the other pieces as moving, energy, and change. But the center remains still. Can you find your center?