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Gong Illumination

“Travel light, live light, spread the light, be the light.” [Yogi Bhajan]

The space between your thoughts is the window to the cosmic mind.

Within each of us exists a special place, deep in the center of our Being. A place of divine, loving and illuminating light. Though unique to each one separately, it is a gift and a birthright from the Universe to all, no exceptions. It is where the Universe connects with us and speaks with us, and most importantly, guides us to the awareness of the divine Being that exists within our very core essence. To find this special place may become challenging, given the “busy-ness” of our lives in this 21st century, yet each of us, in perfect timing for this life’s journey, must open the doors that gently guide us and lead us to this greater place within. It is in the slowing down and exploring within that the true gifts begin to surface.

The studio doors will open 20 minutes prior, please plan to arrive early to allow time to check-in and get settled. Yoga mats are provided and chairs are available for those that prefer to sit off the floor. We do, however, HIGHLY ENCOURAGE you to bring anything that would additionally aid in your complete comfort (i.e. - additional thick cushion, blanket, pillow, eye pillow/mask, bolster, etc). Doors will close promptly at 7 PM so that we can begin the evening on time.


LotusVoice Integrative Therapies

4994 Park Lake Road

East Lansing, MI 48823

$20.00 Advanced Registration WITH Online Payment
$25.00 Day of Event  (If space is available)

Registration and pre-payment required to reserve your space. (Payment by credit/debit card is processed through Paypal. Please contact me if you have any problems making your registration payment.)