Gong Puja: A Devotional Journey

"The gong experience is an immersion into a spiraling cocoon of total sound."  Don Conreaux

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(This is an overnight event.)

February 14-15, 2020

8:45 PM - 7:00 AM

Puja (Sanskrit & Pali) are expressions of “honor and devotional attention.” A Gong Puja is honoring and allowing space for our being’s ability to heal – physically, emotionally and spiritually. It is the truest form of honoring thyself! In honor of World Sound Healing Day 2020, we invite you to join us for this extremely special Gong Puja. 

The Puja begins with the gentle sounds of the chimes, the ocean drum, and other sacred instruments. Then, throughout the offering, the gongs will be played by 3 different gong players. Each facilitator will play for 45-minute blocks of time throughout the night and early morning while guests are bathed in the therapeutic vibrations. Immersed in the sound and subtle ethers of the Puja, we repair and rejuvenate as the cosmic ocean of vibrations wash over us; cleansing, unblocking and freeing us. The functional harmony created by the gongs bring about an inner stillness where deep restoration can occur. During the Puja, we meditate – or we sleep – a sleep like no other; where we are awake in a dream.


Doors open at 8:45 PM on Friday, please plan to arrive at this time for check-in. Upon arrival at the studio, guests will make up their up their space for the night; hot tea and a light snack will be served. We ease into our time together with opening breathwork at 9:30 PM setting the tone and intention for this truly remarkable experience. The Gong Puja officially begins at 10 PM. 


The gongs will fall silent at 5:30 AM on Saturday morning and the Puja will end with the sounds of the chimes. For the next 30-minutes, guests can take their time slowly rising to say “good morning” to a wonderful new day. You may want to just sit with a hot cup of tea during reflection or share your experiences from the night with fellow participants. We encourage all to do whatever feels right in the moment. A light breakfast will be offered at 6 AM with our time together concluding at 7 AM.


Unfortunately, due to the nature of this offering, late arrivals cannot be accommodated. If a guest needs to leave the building for any reason, readmittance is not possible. During the Puja, silence is observed and mobile devices will need to be set to silent.

The Essentials: What to bring?

Something VERY comfortable and warm to lie on plus, pillows, blankets, throws, and extra padding. Whatever you need to be TRULY comfortable lying or sitting on a carpeted floor for 8 hours. A simple yoga mat just won't do it! (Please, no bean bags or airbeds as they cause too much noise when guests move about.) The studio is small in nature so each reclined space will be limited to about the size of a large yoga mat. 


Dressing in layers is always a good idea. Additional suggested items might include an eye mask/eye pillow, buff, or scarf to cover your eyes, and anything else that might help you to have a comfortable experience. You may also wish to bring a water bottle and water.



It's a good idea to ensure you've eaten a good meal a couple of hours before the event. A heavy meal and alcohol beforehand ARE NOT recommended.


This Gong Puja regretfully is not suitable for guests:

• In the first or last trimester of pregnancy

• With any sound-sensitive condition

• With Epilepsy

• With Pacemakers

• Who are uncomfortable lying down for 8 hours

• Who have not previously participated in a Gong Bath, Gong Meditation, or Gong Immersion


If you are unsure if the Gong Puja is suitable for you, or if you have a particular need, please contact betty@gentleearthsoundtherapy.org or rob@robmeyerkukan.com.



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$100 Advanced Registration WITH Online Payment before 2/4/20

Tickets are EXTREMELY limited and offered on a first come first serve basis. Registration and pre-payment required to reserve your space. (Payment by credit/debit card is processed through Paypal. Please contact us if you have any issues in making your registration payment.)

PLEASE NOTE: In the event that we do not meet our minimum number of participants, the Puja will be canceled and your registration payment (minus any initial Paypal transaction fees) will be returned in full.

Registration is now closed.