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The temple bell stops but I still hear the sound coming out of the flowers.

[Matsuo Basho]

Sound Therapy

Gentle Earth is deeply honored to have 139 beautifully handcrafted instruments to use during private sound therapy sessions and sound meditations. Each was carefully and thoughtfully selected with the above quote at the forefront of my mind. I am fully aware that the vibration and sound they produce will resonate deep throughout the universe long after our human capability ceases to recognize it. 


My instruments are not just messengers of deep relaxation and peace but a remarkable connection to the artists who created them, to their families, and to the earth from which they garnered the resources. Placing my hands over them, I can often feel the energy from the universe with which they are so deeply intertwined. I engage in deep mindful reflection over adding new instruments to my vast collection. For example, when considering a new bowl, I will gently hold it, take a deep slow breath and invite it to sing with a soft measured strike. Allowing the vibration to flow through my hands, fill my ears, and wrap around my heart. Exhaling, I pause and then repeat... over and over again. Patiently waiting to see if it speaks to me on a profoundly personal level. Only then do I consider adding it to my practice.    


I believe that instruments such as singing bowls and gongs can be seen as great teachers. They carry the Buddhist Voidness teachings which purport that nothing exists independently of anything else. The notes from these sacred instruments contain all other notes and therein lies their magic. Although possessing a variety of harmonics, the fundamental vibration is rooted in the Sanskrit mantra OM. This is the vibration that our brains are entrained with. This primordial sound is the perfection of the universe. The ensuing sympathetic resonance between the brain and instrument reawakens the intrinsic blissful self in us. 


Below is a small listing of the instruments I currently use in my practice. I am deeply honored to have several that were crafted for me specifically by master artists in Italy, Japan, India, and here in the United States. My greatest hope is that they bring you the same deep peace, relaxation, and inner tranquility that they provide me.

Himalyan Singing Bowls


Gong Plates

Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls

Apophyllite Alchemy Singing Bowls

Tuning Forks


Shruti Box

Tongue Drum

Reverie Harp

Native American Style Flutes




Ocean Drums

Buffalo Drum


Ghanta and Vajra

Bar Chimes

Flow Chimes


Shell Chimes

Tuned Healing Chimes

Bronze Clams


Seed Pod Shakers


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