Instruments at Gentle Earth

The temple bell stops but I still hear the sound coming out of the flowers.

[Matsuo Basho]

Gentle Earth Sound Therapy & Holistic Wellness LLC is deeply honored to have 111 remarkable and beautiful handcrafted instruments to use during Vibrational Sound Therapy (VST), Gong Therapy, Sound Bath Meditation, and Gong Immersion.  Each was carefully and thoughtfully selected with the above quote at the forefront of my mind. I am fully aware that the vibration and sound they produce will resonate deep throughout the universe long after my human capability ceases to recognize it. 


My instruments are not just messengers of deep relaxation and peace but a remarkable connection to the craftsman who created them, their families, the earth from which they garnered the resources, etc. Placing my hands over them I can often feel the energy from the universe to which it is so deeply intertwined. I engage in deep mindful reflection over adding new ones to my vast collection. For example, when considering a new bowl, I will gently hold it, take a deep slow breath and invite it to sing with a soft measured strike; allowing the vibration to flow through my hands, my chest, fill my ears, and wrap around my heart. Exhaling, I pause and then repeat... over and over again. Patiently waiting to see if it speaks to me on a profoundly personal level. Only then do I then consider adding it to my studio.    


I believe that each bowl and gong can be seen as a great teacher. They carry the Buddhist Voidness teachings which purport that nothing exists independently of anything else. The notes from these sacred instruments contain all other notes and therein lies their magic.  Although possessing a variety of harmonics, the fundamental vibration is rooted in the Sanskrit mantra OM. This is the vibration that our brains are entrained with. This primordial sound is the perfection of the universe. The ensuing sympathetic resonance between the brain and instrument reawakens the intrinsic blissful self in us. 


Below is the list of instruments that I currently use in my practice. My hope is that they assist you in finding deep peace, relaxation, and inner tranquility. 


Zen 22", 11,225g Hand Hammered Bronze Grounding Bowl, B#2

Zen 11.50", T2000, 2025g Hand Hammered Bronze Therapy Bowl, C#2

Zen 9", ZT1300H, 1446g Hand Hammered Bronze Therapy Bowl, B Flat 3

Zen  8.5", ZT900, 964g Hand Hammered Bronze Therapy Bowl, F#2

Zen 6.75" ZT700, 730g Hand Hammered Bronze Therapy Bowl, G3

Zen 6.75" ZT700, 738g Hand Hammered Bronze Therapy Bowl, A Flat 3

Zen 4.75", ZT300T2, 296g Hand Hammered Bronze Therapy Bowl, G4


Zen 9.75" Vibrapoint 1250, 1695g Hand Hammered Bronze Therapy Tool, A2

Zen 7.75" Vibrapoint 900, 1280g Hand Hammered Bronze Therapy Tool, B2

Zen 7" Vibrapoint 700, 1000g Hand Hammered Bronze Therapy Tool, F3

Zen 11.50" Bioconcert Series II 2500, 2405g Hand Hammered Bronze Singing Bowl, E2

Zen 11.25" Bioconcert Series II 2000, 1956g Hand Hammered Bronze Singing Bowl, D2

Zen 9.75" Bioconcert Series II 1500, 1492g Hand Hammered Bronze Singing Bowl, B2

Zen 9" Bioconcert Series II 1250, 1190g Hand Hammered Bronze Singing Bowl, G#2

Zen 8.25" Bioconcert Series II 900, 1000g Hand Hammered Bronze Singing Bowl,  F#3

Zen 7.50" Bioconcert Series II 700, 708g Hand Hammered Bronze Singing Bowl, B Flat 3

Zen 6.50" Bioconcert Series II 500, 554g Hand Hammered Bronze Singing Bowl, D4

Zen 10", 1680g Hand Hammered Bronze Master Meditation Singing Bowl,  G2

Zen 5.25", 524g Hand Hammered Bronze Master Meditation Singing Bowl,  E Flat 4


Zen S7, 4.5", 556g Bronze Cast Singing Bowl, E4

Zen S6, 4.25", 5.19g Bronze Cast Singing Bowl, F#4

Zen S5, 4", 471g Bronze Cast Singing Bowl, B4

Zen S4, 3.75", 386g Bronze Cast Singing Bowl, C#5

Zen S3, 3.5", 324g Bronze Cast Singing Bowl, E4

Zen S2, 3.25", 280g Bronze Cast Singing Bowl, A4

Zen S1, 3", 273g Bronze Cast Singing Bowl, B Flat 5


Golden Tara Singing Bowl, 7.5", 918g Etched Bronze, F3

Golden Buddha Singing Bowl, 5.5", 560g Etched Bronze, F#4


Antique Himalayan Singing Bowl, 9", 1228g Bronze, E3

Antique Himalayan Singing Bowl, 8", 870g Bronze, D3

Antique Himalayan Singing Bowl, 7", 620g Bronze, A3

Antique Himalayan Singing Bowl, 6", 466g Bronze, C4

Himalayan Grounding Bowl, 12.75", 3040g Bronze,  F2

Himalayan Singing Bowl, 8", 1230g Aluminum Cast, A4

Himalayan Singing Bowl, 7.5",  1120g Aluminum Cast, E5

Himalayan Singing Bowl, 7", 1112g Aluminum Cast, D5

Himalayan Singing Bowl 4″, 353g, Bronze Cast, B

Tuning Forks

Biosonics Body Tuner C256

Biosonics Body Tuner D288

Biosonics Body Tuner E320

Biosonics Body Tuner F341

Biosonics Body Tuner G384

Biosonics Body Tuner A426

Biosonics Body Tuner B480

Biosonics Body Tuner C512

Biosonics Otto Tuner C32

Biosonics Otto Tuner C64

Biosonics Otto Tuner C128

Biosonics Otto Tuner LS Om


Chau Gong, 36", Bronze

Chinese Sun Gong, 36", Bronze

Paiste Symphonic Gong, 32", Nickel-Silver

RM Shelledy Gentle New Earth Gong, 32" Nickel-Silver

Chinese Wind Gong, 32", Bronze

Dark Star Gong, 26", Bronze

Subatomic Gong, 26", Bronze

Burma Nipple Gong, 20", Bronze

Chinese Wind Gong, 18", Bronze

Atlantis Gong, 8", Bronze, B4

Atlantis Gong, 7", Bronze, E5

Atlantis Gong, 6", Bronze, E Flat 4

RM Shelledy Bell Plate, 11", Bronze, D#

RM Shelledy Bell Plate, 10", Bronze, F

RM Shelledy Bell Plate, 9", Bronze, G

RM Shelledy Bell Plate, 8", Bronze, A#

RM Shelledy Bell Plate, 7", Bronze, C

RM Shelledy Bell Plate, 6", Bronze, D#


Frosted Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl, 18", A3

Frosted Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl, 16", F3

Frosted Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl, 14", G3

Frosted Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl, 13", B Flat 3

Frosted Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl, 12", B3

Frosted Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl, 11", C#4

Frosted Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl, 10", D, Perfect Pitch

Frosted Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl, 9", E4

Frosted Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl, 8", G4

Clear Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl, 7", F4 Perfect Pitch

Clear Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl, 8", D4

Clear Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl, 7", B4

Clear Quartz Crystal Handled Singing Bowl, 7", F#2


Remo 22" Ocean Drum®, Acousticon® Shell, Natural Finish

Remo 22" Buffalo Drum®, Acousticon® Shell, Natural Finish

Kyeezee, 9", Engraved Bronze, D5

Kyeezee, 7", Bronze, G5

Kyeezee, 5", Bronze, D6


Ghanta and Vajra, 8" Bronze, A-flat

Ghanta and Vajra, 6" Bronze, C


TreeWorks 35 Bar Chime, Aluminum/Titanium

TreeWorks Finger Cymbal Tree, Bronze, 13.75"

Svaram Swinging Flow Chime, 9 Bar, Air Tuning - C, D#, F, G#, A#, C, D#, F, G#

Koshi Windchime, Terra Tuning - G, C, E, F, G, C, E, and G Notes

Koshi Windchime, Aqua Tuning - A, D, F, G, A, D, F, and A Notes

Koshi Windchime, Aria Tuning - A, C, E, A, B, C, E, and B Notes

Koshi Windchime, Ignis Tuning - G, B, D, G, B, D, G, and A Notes 

A Tempo Percussion Shell Chime (Cortina Chaccha)

Gongs Unlimited 136.10 Hz Om Tuned Healing Chime, Aluminum,  41" C#

Gongs Unlimited 256 Hz C Tuned Healing Chime, Aluminum, 30", C
Gongs Unlimited 384 Hz G Tuned Healing Chime, Aluminum, 24", G

Kathak Ghungroo 24" Bronze Clam

Tibetan Gong Tingsha Dragon Cymbals, 267g Hand Cast Bronze

Toca Seed Pod Shaker 10"

Quisca Cactus Rainstick, 40"

Hokema Sansula Renaissance, Cherrywood and Beechwood, A

Remo Thunder Tube

Meinl Percussion Wooden Frog Guiro, Wood, 8"

Song Pod


MKS Monoj Kumar Sardar Shruti Box Surpeti, C Chord

Nataraj 16" Tongue Drum, C Major Pentatonic, D, E, G, A, C, D, E, G, and A

Reverie Harp, 22 String, Mahogany, C Pentatonic Tuning

John Stillwell Native American Style Flute, Quilted Maple, Curly Mesquite, Bubinga, Bloodwood, and Cherrywood, E

Fühl den Ton Monochord Monolina, 34 string, Ash and Cherrywood, D

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