December 1, 2021


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My dear friends, as I look back over 2021 I can see a year of both immense release and growth. The last 11 months have provided surprising opportunities for deep reflection and creativity. We had to constantly rethink how our day-to-day practices were carried out and continue to adapt and flow with our ever-fluctuating global environment. There were moments of uncertainty and struggle sandwiched with layers of great joy and gratitude. Like when I was finally able to facilitate in-person events after a year of complete lock-down.

After what seemed to be a neverending span of time, we were once again able to enjoy personal deep connection and the intimate sharing of life stories - some filled with heartbreak and others that absolutely made my spirit soar. We witnessed the overwhelming beauty of humanity but also personally experienced its shortcomings. This has truly been a year of Ying-Yang energy. Periods of light and dark with (sometimes, but not always) gentle reminders that you cannot have one without the other. We need both even though it is not what we would always choose.

As we prepare to step into a new year together, I want to tell you how much I deeply appreciate Y-O-U. Thank you for sharing your lives with me, for inviting me to walk alongside you in this journey called life. For trusting me with your care, especially when you were feeling vulnerable and a bit fragile. I am simply blown away by your kindness and immense love. You have flooded me with amazing support over the last several months filling my daily calendar and selling out all of the 21 community events I hosted.

You cement my firm belief that stillness practices are needed now more than ever and I am so honored and privileged to provide such opportunities for your well-being. This is my passion, my life work and I feel so incredibly blessed to share it with you. I hope this comes across in every moment we gather together. It is such a tremendous gift, I love you.