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The following information is designed to help new clients understand the process for scheduling their first appointment with Gentle Earth and the steps that lead up to our shared time together. 

As a practitioner, I, begin each collaborative partnership with a free phone consultation where we discuss your needs and goals for being seen. Reasons for choosing the integrative modalities I offer vary from person to person and this is an opportunity for me to get to know you at a deeper level. This heartfelt conversation helps determine what path forward might serve you best and happens to be the perfect time to answer any of your questions so that you feel 100% confident and comfortable in choosing me as your holistic partner.


Once I have learned a little bit more about you, I will be able to schedule your first appointment. I create a client record for you by collecting your primary email address and phone number. Your appointment is confirmed by pre-paying for your selected service at the time of booking. This can be done during your phone consultation or by receiving a direct payment link to Square if that proves more suitable. 

Upon completion of your booking, you will get a payment receipt and email confirming your appointment. Be sure to read the entire message as it includes important information like your appointment date and time, my private studio address and phone number, and procedures for arriving at your session. This email also contains a link to complete your online Client Intake Form. This form is mandatory for all clients on record and is updated yearly unless circumstances require that it be updated sooner. (i.e. A major change in health status or any resulting issues that present contraindications.) You will need to complete the Client Intake Form 48-hours prior to your first appointment

Please kindly note that missing Client Intake Forms will result in the need to postpone your scheduled appointment. This policy is a requirement of my licensure and is noted both here on this website and in all studio-client communications. As a courtesy, reminders are sent out via email and text prior to the 48-hour deadline if your Client Intake Form has not yet been received. If your appointment is postponed, a new one cannot be rescheduled until your form is completed.


Finally, please be advised that if your appointment has to be postponed due to a missing Client Intake Form, it will additionally be treated like a late canceled appointment and you will be charged 50% of your scheduled session fee. I appreciate your efforts in helping me to maintain a high level of professional practice.

Thank you for reviewing this New Client Information. It will be an honor to share sacred space with you in the near future!

Contact Betty for your free phone consultation!

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