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The following information is designed to help new clients understand the process for scheduling their first appointment with Gentle Earth Sound Therapy and the steps that lead up to our shared time together. 

We begin each collaborative partnership with a free phone consultation where we discuss your needs and goals for being seen. Reasons for choosing the integrative modalities that we practice vary from person to person and this is an opportunity for us to get to know you at a deeper level. This heartfelt conversation helps us determine what path forward might serve you best. This also happens to be the perfect time to answer any of your questions so that you feel 100% confident and comfortable in choosing us as your holistic partner.


Once we have gotten to know each other a bit, we are able to schedule your first appointment. We set up a client account for you in our HIPAA compliant client management system, MassageBook, by collecting your primary email address and phone number. Your appointment is confirmed by pre-paying for your selected service at the time of booking. This can be done during your phone consultation or by contacting us back at a later date if that proves more suitable. After we have established you as a new client in our system, you will be able to log into MassageBook yourself and schedule or manage any future appointments with our practice.

Upon completion of your booking, you will immediately get a payment receipt and email from MassageBook confirming your appointment. Be sure to read the entire message as it includes important information like your appointment date, time, our studio address, phone number, and vital safety protocol procedures for checking in for your session. You will also be emailed a link to complete your Client Intake Form. This form is mandatory for all clients on record and is filled out and submitted online. It will be updated yearly unless circumstances require that it be updated sooner. (i.e. A major change in health status or any resulting issues that present contraindications.) You will need to complete and submit the Client Intake Form 48-hours prior to your appointment so that we can thoroughly review your information to properly prepare for our time together.

Please kindly note that incomplete or missing Client Intake Forms can result in the need to postpone scheduled appointments. We thank you in advance for helping us maintain a high level of professional practice. These protocols are implemented to keep our clients and practitioners safe at all times. 

We hope this information has proved helpful for you. We look forward to having the honor of sharing sacred space with you soon!

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