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“Yoga is a mirror to look at ourselves from within.” B.K.S. Iyengar

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Yoga is an extraordinary spiritual science of self-development and self-realization that shows us how to develop our full potential in our many-sided lives. It was first devised by the rishis and sages of ancient India and has been maintained by a stream of living teachers ever since, who have continually adapted this science to every generation. Generally, for most people in the world today, Yoga means Asanas (physical postures). But Asanas are just a small preparatory aspect of Yoga. Yoga is not a practice, a particular action, or a posture – it is a way of being.


The word Yoga literally means “union." When a person begins to experience everything as a part of themselves, they are in Yoga. 

This lifestyle brings deep harmony and unshakable balance to body and mind in order to awaken our latent capacity for a higher consciousness that is the true purpose of human evolution. The many methods of yoga span a vast range from physical postures to breathing practices and meditation, all based upon a philosophy of consciousness and a natural way of life.

Yoga was traditionally shared by one teacher directly with one student. The great ancient teachers understood the importance of individualizing each yoga experience to meet the needs of each individual person. Modern group classes are fun, energizing, and help to create a strong community, however, in a group class teachers may not be able to deliver the individualized attention and guidance that we all need at one time or another. While group classes are wonderful for their own reasons, working with a yoga teacher one-on-one can truly deepen your way of being.


One of the greatest and most obvious benefits of private instruction is that the focus of the session is based solely on you. Time is structured around what you would like to work on, the level you are at, and your particular pace. This provides for personalized adjustments and modifications while doing postures, meditation, and breathwork. Additionally, if you have any injuries or places of discomfort, we can craft a session that offers support and care of these tender areas. 

Private instruction holds and uplifts our state of being while deepening our mind-body awareness. Any journey through life can be difficult at times, with noticeable ups and downs. Each moment we come onto the mat or chair, we will find ourselves in a different state of mind attempting to flow through a whole new day that offers both challenges and beautiful opportunities. We are here to support your balance in this union.

Gentle Earth offers private intro-level yoga instruction focusing on Alignment-Oriented Yoga, Spiritually-Oriented Yoga, and Gentle Vinyasa. Consider one of the following deeply nourishing options.


Chair Yoga

This instruction is for anyone who has a hard time kneeling, putting weight on their wrists, and getting to and from the floor easily. This is a lovely way to build balance, hip strength, upper body strength, core strength, mental clarity, and inner peace without overdoing or risking injury. Chair Yoga incorporates standing and balancing with the support of a wall or chair.


Yoga for Arthritis

This gentle yoga instruction focuses on building strength and integrity for all the joints in the body. Focus is placed on breath and movement in gentle ways to promote the pain-relieving qualities of a well-crafted and mindful yoga session.


Gentle Flow

A softened slow flow practice for anyone who likes the feeling of flowing with the breath but needs to take their time. If you can kneel, get to and from the floor with a fair amount of ease, and want to increase your ability to balance and build core strength this would be a good option for you.

Mellow Flow

Gentle flow provides softer queuing with meditative background music allowing for individual expression of postures. This instruction is accessible to most that can get to the floor and off the floor with a fair amount of ease.

Restorative Yin

Yin yoga is a practice of deep release while being held and supported by blocks bolsters, straps, and blankets. This is a very slow-moving assisted instruction with a deeper emphasis on breathing practices and meditation. We use creative movement and positioning to facilitate the expansiveness of breath and the unwinding or lengthening of fascial restrictions or tension in the connective tissue, often brought about by postural distortions or repetitive movements. This instruction is a counterpose and a balancing anecdote to our modern lives.

60 Minute In-person Private Session - $70

Gentle Earth's Private Client Yoga slots are currently full. If you would like to be placed on the waitlist for a future space as it becomes available, please contact me here. Namasté

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