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As a licensed, certified, registered, and insured practice, Gentle Earth affirms its unwavering dedication to the highest standards of professionalism, as articulated in the following Code of Ethics.

Commitment to Do No Harm

Gentle Earth undertakes a comprehensive health history intake process for each client, meticulously evaluating the information to identify contraindications or necessary session adaptations. In instances where Betty observes signs of, or suspects, an undiagnosed condition incompatible with sound therapy, she will promptly refer the client to a physician or qualified healthcare professional. The session will be delayed until approval from the physician has been obtained. Betty is cognizant of the paramount importance of therapeutic intent and conducts sessions with the sole objective of benefiting the client.

Commitment to High-Quality Care

Gentle Earth is unwavering in its commitment to serving the best interests of clients at all times, ensuring the provision of the highest quality integrative support and service possible. Betty acknowledges the responsibility of building and maintaining an effective, healthy, and safe therapeutic relationship with her clients.

Commitment to Honest Representation of Qualifications

Gentle Earth adheres strictly to the commonly accepted scope of practice for sound therapy and Usui Reiki professionals, following state-specific guidelines when applicable. Betty provides integrative modality sessions only within her areas of full training and credible credentials. She judiciously assesses the needs of each client and refers them to another practitioner if the required support exceeds her capabilities. Betty refrains from utilizing trademarks and symbols associated with a specific system or group without authentic affiliation, and she abstains from exaggerating the benefits of sound therapy and Usui Reiki in public marketing.


Commitment to Uphold the Inherent Worth of All Individuals

Gentle Earth demonstrates compassion, respect, and tolerance for all individuals, actively seeking to diminish discrimination, misunderstandings, and prejudice. While recognizing situations where declining service may be in the best interests of the client's health or personal safety, Gentle Earth does not refuse service based on disability, ethnicity, gender, marital status, physical build, sexual orientation, religious, national, or political affiliation, or social and economic status.


Commitment to Respect Client Dignity and Rights

Gentle Earth upholds the dignity and rights of all individuals by providing a clean, comfortable, and safe environment for sessions, ensuring clients have recourse in case of dissatisfaction with services, and preserving the integrity of the therapeutic relationship.


Commitment to Informed Consent

Gentle Earth acknowledges a client's right to determine what happens to their body. Betty ensures clients are fully informed of choices related to their care, disclosing policies and limitations that may affect their care. Services are not provided without obtaining a client's informed consent, or that of the guardian or advocate.


Commitment to Confidentiality

Gentle Earth maintains client communication and information confidential, refraining from sharing client information without written consent, within legal limits. Betty ensures every effort is made to respect a client's right to privacy.


Commitment to Personal and Professional Boundaries

Gentle Earth refrains from behaviors that may be considered sexual in practice, upholding the highest professional standards to desexualize client work. Betty does not allow any level of sexual impropriety from clients and maintains those same standards.


Commitment to Honesty in Business

Gentle Earth adheres to good business practices, including record-keeping, regulation compliance, and tax law. Betty establishes fair fees, maintains honesty in marketing materials, and rejects gifts, compensation, or other benefits intended to influence decisions related to a client.


Commitment to Professionalism

Gentle Earth maintains clear and honest communication with clients and colleagues, projecting a professional image in behavior and personal appearance aligned with the highest standards of professionalism. Betty refrains from actively seeking to acquire someone else's clients, disrespecting clients or colleagues, or maligning other therapists or allied professionals. Betty actively promotes sound therapy and Usui Reiki practices by committing to self-development and continuously building professional skills.

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