Public Health & Safety

I am reminded that almost everything we do is a calculated risk. We take a risk when we drive, fly, exercise, eat, play, share space, and so on; we always have. Some people do not have the luxury to call COVID-19 a calculated risk because, for some, it is much more serious than that. I hold this knowledge close to my heart as I move forward. 

As expected, there has been a slew of new protocols implemented to provide the safest environment possible for everyone scheduling private appointments.  These practices, procedures, and policies are informed by the CDC, industry experts, and the State of Michigan (as outlined in
Executive Order 2020-114).

You can read my full
COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan here, but below is a mini list of my pre-appointment and session protocols so we are all on the same page before my schedule starts to fill up. These are practices, procedures, and policies that show I take safety measures seriously. YOUR CONTINUED HEALTH AND SAFETY REMAIN MY FIRST PRIORITY!

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