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"I floated in and out of blissful awareness. Feeling like I was drifting along on a stream of beautiful sounds. It was a tapestry of relaxation I never wanted to leave."

Hannah, East Lansing

"There aren’t enough words to explain how much vibrational sound therapy works on such a deep level. It calms my mind and body so much more effectively than any other therapy I’ve tried (and I do a lot of self-care). And on top of all this, Betty is AMAZING! She is one of the calmest, kind, educated, and lovely people I’ve come to know through working with her. I felt instantly at ease just from her presence and then she began the work with her therapy bowls. I was OUT. Instantly relaxed and at peace in a season of life that isn’t that peaceful. Very thankful I found her. Stay open to this treatment modality because I wasn’t very sure it would be anything that would work for me. Now it’s my go-to when I need to quiet my mind and really experience true relaxation."

Andrea, Grand Rapids 


"Betty welcomed me into her space which was peaceful, quiet, and welcoming in every way. Everything has its place in her studio and it reflects the respect she has for holistic therapy. The atmosphere, with its gentle sounds of water and low lighting, put me at ease, as did Betty’s gentle nature. During the session, she moved around me so quietly that I barely noticed. Her skill in making sure I was kept in a peaceful state, removed from negativity and distraction, was carried out perfectly – not rushed at all."

David, Detroit 

"I recently experienced a sudden loss of someone very important to me in life. A friend recommended I try Reiki and referred me to Betty. I have met with her on several occasions and she has brought me such comfort and peace during this difficult time of bereavement. I leave each session feeling like I have been held in such love and grace and it has made all the difference in my overall well-being. I am deeply grateful."

Catherine, Lansing 

"My experience with Betty was divine. She led the session beautifully and held me in deep love and light. The vibrations from the therapy bowls resonated with me for days after and I felt energetically transformed."

Fran, East Lansing

"I had such an amazing experience at Gentle Earth Sound Therapy! Betty is a real professional. I also had a great conversation with her prior to the session, you can tell she really loves what she does. A++"

Wesley, Grand Ledge

"I wholeheartedly recommend making a reservation at Gentle Earth Sound Therapy. From the moment I was greeted so kindly at the door and throughout my session, Betty created such a peaceful environment. Her skill and expertise are very evident. Deep, healing relaxation was the result. I’ll definitely plan on future appointments!"

Suzanne, Lansing

"Betty facilitates sound immersions so incredibly well, weaving a deep layer of tranquility, spiritual fullness, and peacefulness that lasts for days."

Steve, East Lansing

"Gentle Earth Sound Therapy & Holistic Wellness provided me with an incredible experience during my session of Vibrational Sound Therapy. I had absolutely no expectations and Betty was fantastic at explaining what I might experience and how I might benefit from the session. It was incredibly powerful and when I left the session, I felt centered and grounded with clarity and a vision for solving a problem I was experiencing. I cannot wait to return!"

Erica, Haslett

"I've already talked about it and would certainly recommend it to anyone who is drawn to this kind of healing work. The atmosphere Betty provides and her own healing presence as you talk with her is a healing force right there. Open your heart and mind to it and see what happens."

Susie, Lansing

"I can be a high-energy person, who in the past, would not have been able to be still or calm. There is an underlying anxiety that is present in most of my days. Yet, since experiencing Betty's sound baths, I have felt a huge shift in my whole energy. I feel more balanced and at ease. I can now find a deep sense of joy in being still and quiet, something I truly avoided in the past. The way sound interacts with your mind is amazing, I feel my whole body and mind soften and slipe into a sense of deep peace. It's a feeling I absolutely treasure and I want everyone to feel the same bliss!"

Jessica, Lansing

Through Betty's guided meditation and support, I felt like I could access the parts of my grief that I often try to push away. It’s been 6 months since my brother passed away and I’m still recognizing the push and pull of the waves of grief, allowing myself to acknowledge the pain when I need to. This is a space I will definitely be returning to. Thank you.

Heather, Washington

"Betty's warm and welcoming manner set the perfect tone for the deepest sense of relaxation I have felt in years. She explained how the therapeutic bowls worked and what she would be doing. My experience definitely exceeded all my expectations!"

Dave, Lansing

"I needed to practice softening into my grief, as it has been hard for me to face it. Time with Betty allowed me to do just that. Her kind and caring presence supported me in unpacking all I had been keeping held within. If you are looking for someone who is deeply compassionate and gentle in all ways, then I highly recommend you schedule a session with her. It was the best thing I have done for myself in quite some time. Thank you!"

Melanie, Lansing

"Experiencing individual gong therapy with Betty was peaceful and meditative. Her studio was comfortable and quiet, and her practice created a feeling of trust. Thank you so much."

Patricia, East Lansing

"Betty took time to make sure that I was comfortably situated before beginning the work with the Himalayan therapy bowls. Soon after the session began, I drifted into an inner peaceful place; comfortably relaxed and in a wonderfully light sleep state. Throughout the session, Betty moved quietly and effortlessly with little noise and distraction. The only sounds were those of the Himalayan bowls. I was unaware of the passing of time and had to be gently awakened at the end of our time together."

Leslie, Lansing

"During the sound bath therapy, the beautiful tones of the bowls gave my busy brain something to focus on to relax my body and mind. At times, I wasn’t sure if I was just hearing the hum or just feeling it…it was a wonderful surprise how the vibrations washed over me with such a peaceful, rhythmic wave."

Dawn, Holt

"I have been to a number of Betty's Sound Bath Meditation events. Each one is different and seems to reach me on just the level I need at the moment. She is a true practitioner who is passionate about the many benefits of sound therapy. Taking part in any of her sound bath events provides you with a first-hand example of her complete dedication to the practice of mindfulness. It is at the forefront of her work with her singing bowls.  She is never rushed and allows the true voice of each instrument to shine. If you are looking for an opportunity to truly go inward and achieve a deep meditative state, then I recommend you attend one of her sound bath meditations."

Anthony, Dimondale

"I began working with Betty earlier this year during a very challenging time in my life. Each Reiki session we shared provided me with a sense of peace and renewed spirit. I felt this time drastically reduced my anxiety and overall stress and enhanced my ability to successfully cope and face current life struggles. Betty is incredibly compassionate, has such a calming spirit, and meets clients where ever they are personally without judgment. She is exceptionally professional and will help you successfully handle challenges, no matter what you may be facing." 

Cheryl, Okemos

"There is something to be said for being led on a beautiful journey of self-discovery, kindness, and love. Imagine being held in a space where you feel nurtured and deeply cared for. Where you experience a profound feeling of restoration and grounding. That is Sound Bath Meditation and Healing."

Grace, Haslett

"A Vibrational Sound Therapy session with Betty creates a deep relaxation response, restoring a natural flow of life energy on all levels - body, mind, and spirit. Truly a transcendent experience."

Susan, East Lansing

"Peaceful and uplifting. Great voice. Instruction and flowing sounds were remarkable. I felt supported throughout. Betty made visualizing the flow of breath easy. You will feel calm, at ease, and grateful following the session!"

Melissa, DeWitt

"When I arrived, my mind was racing with the usual assortment of thoughts and stresses. But throughout the process, I could feel myself taking deep cleansing breaths, and soon the sound of the bowls and the sensations in my body combined to create a deeply relaxing state. It felt wonderful to be in a nurturing and unhurried environment. And I noticed that the feeling of peace and stillness was still present the next day.”

Susie, Lansing

"I had my first session with Betty recently and it was incredible. She was warm, kind, and created a beautiful space for relaxation. She was informative and made the process feel very safe. I experienced relaxation like I have not experienced in a VERY long time and afterward, I felt very open and clear. It was a beautiful experience that I would recommend to anyone!"

Amanda, East Lansing

"I enjoyed a beautiful yoga flow and sound bath meditation practice with Betty today. A peaceful and deeply rewarding time. Thank you!"

Claudia, East Lansing

"Betty's voice was so gentle and non-judgmental. I was comfortable enough to address feelings that I’ve been repressing. Thank you."

Sarai, East Lansing

"The Vibrational Sound Therapy massage I had with Betty was unique and calming. When I turned over onto my stomach, she accomplished putting me to sleep within 4 minutes. The entire session was a fantastic experience! I would recommend it to anyone dealing with back, hip, and joint pain like I had been experiencing prior to my session. I do plan to continue this with Betty to offer a natural alternative to helping my body heal. I highly recommend her, she does an excellent job!"

Joseph, Okemos

"Words cannot express how much I love vibrational sound therapy sessions. The bowls put me into an immediate trance of pure relaxation and Betty provides a warm, sacred space. Also, her sound baths are truly magical. I always feel so refreshed afterward. I highly recommend Betty for sound healing. You won't regret it!"

Louise, Eaton Rapids

"Betty is very professional and clearly also loves her work. My session was amazing, I was so relaxed I fell asleep!"

Therese, Lansing

"I recently shared in a session of Vibrational Sound Therapy using the singing bowls and it was a wonderful experience. The setting was very positive, warm, and professional.  It felt safe with light and the intent was focused on sharing Divine Love. I would highly recommend this if you are looking for a place to center and be grounded. Betty has the working environment that provides oneself with a space of both peace and reflection." 

Gina, Grand Ledge

"I recently attended a retreat and the coordinator had the amazing foresight to have Betty provide us with an hour of sound bath meditation. I could not believe how beautiful the bowls sounded when she worked with them. Their mesmerizing tone took me into a deep state of relaxation and within moments my body began feeling light and serene. I lost all sense of time as Betty led us on this amazing healing journey.  When the mediation was over I felt such a renewed sense of spirit and gratitude. That is no small thing in today's world."

Jon, Williamston

"Thank you, I'm struggling to deal with the loss of my best friend and constant companion of 14 years. This was a helpful guide to treat myself with more kindness and understanding while I navigate my way into my new normal."

Hellen, Lansing

"The circular breathing in our session today was perfect! It really gave me the mind-body connection I was needing this morning! I will come back to practice with you again. Thank you!"

Ally, East Lansing

"Betty provides such insightful and lovely instruction. I feel calm and centered ready to go about my day in a positive light. I’m grateful!"

Christine, Williamston

"Betty is a fantastic healer. Her aura is vibrant!! The vibes she shares with the client are very uplifting. I trust her work and have taken singing bowl services and distant reiki services. Highly recommend her if someone is looking out for holistic healing services."

Richa, Mount Pleasant

"I scheduled an appointment with Betty because I have been really struggling with some intense feelings. I found it very calming. She allows you to be present with your grief and accept it with grace. This gave me the loving permission to take whatever comes and feel whatever your grief brings. It was a beautiful session for release and self-compassion."

Donna, Lansing

"I have been doing your online meditations for nearly a year. You have introduced me to so many new ways to practice self-care in these socially distant months. Our time together has been the golden gate to open up all my senses and be in full alignment with my body, mind, and soul. May you continue to be blessed with peace, love, and wisdom."

Harriet, Pennsylvania

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