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When the body, or parts thereof, fall into a state of low vibrational frequency oftentimes result from illnesses or mental imbalances of varying degrees, one feels “out of sync”. In this sort of a weakened state, a stronger and more powerful source, such as the vibration of sound therapy instruments, has the tendency to re-generate a higher, stronger vibratory field.


This phenomenon occurs through the process of entrainment. Entrainment was discovered by Dutch scientist Christiaan Huygens in 1666. Huygens who invented the pendulum clock discovered that when two pendulum clocks were mounted side by side on a wall, they would swing together in precise rhythm and hold their mutual beat. Far beyond their capacity to be matched in mechanical accuracy. Entrainment means that any two vibrating bodies will try and synchronize with each other, whereby the body with the more powerful vibrations will eventually take over the weaker one.


We actually entrain to the rhythms around us all the time, although we are not fully aware of it. The relationship between the external rhythms and our inner rhythms, or pulses, are inseparable.  


In physics, there is less energy used when two objects are entrained with each other. In other words, we expend less energy when we are in step with the surrounding energy, or we expend a lot more energy when we are not in sync with the greater surrounding energy. We need to speed up if required work, or if the energy of work is fast, but we also need to be able to slow down when we come home or when this effort is not needed. Unfortunately, most of us don’t do that.


When you entrain to a hectic pace for extended periods of time it contributes to making you feel exhausted and spent. Our genes are not programmed to function at a continuous fast pace day in and day out and many of us don’t know how to slow down — how to get our body rhythms to entrain at a slower rhythm. This can be extremely detrimental to our overall wellness.


You use less energy when you’re in sync with the surrounding energy; you use more when you’re out of sync. It’s ok to speed up during the day if you have a great deal of work to accomplish but you need to give your body opportunities to slow down. We all need regularly scheduled time to recover and to stimulate the parasympathetic system (our natural relaxation response). To find external rhythms that are slow (nature, quiet surroundings, music, and vibrations) to entrain to.


That is why taking time for yourself is so important. Self-care and taking time to slow your internal rhythm so that your body can regain balance is essential. Sound Therapy is a remarkable and restorative opportunity to aid your body in that very effort.  For more information, or to schedule an appointment, contact Betty today!


Have questions about Sound Therapy? Most are answered on my Q & A page!



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