Sound Bath & Gong Immersion

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration."  ~Nikola Tesla


During profound peaceful states of the mind, which are typically achieved during meditative phases, the body’s natural healing process is profoundly supported.


There is a noticeable shift currently taking place in our culture. In these modern times of technology overloads and a general sense of global fragility, the quest to quiet the mind and find new ways to achieve deep relaxation feels more important than ever. This quest has led us into a new era of wellness—one in which many people are exploring complementary and holistic practices that have been around for a very long time. The process of manipulating sound for well-being can be traced back to 550-500 BC and the Greek philosopher Pythagoras, who utilized sound as a form of medicine to treat a variety of ailments. Today, sound is used in yoga studios and meditation classes, hospitals, palliative care, and cancer treatment centers, and in therapy practices around the world.

Sound Bath and Gong Immersions are highly meaningful and enriching solutions that allow us the opportunity to go inward on our own terms; to help combat the everyday stresses of modern life and support the overall health of body, mind, and spirit. They are meant to help facilitate a shift in our brainwave state and can specifically entrain the human organism toward greater harmony and homeostasis (a state of equilibrium).  Which, is a requirement for regenerating after experiencing periods of stress, injury, or illness. Sound and vibration can help restore regulatory function to a body out of tune and help maintain and enhance regulatory function to a body in tune. It can alter cellular functions through energetic effects, calm the mind and therefore the body, or have emotional effects, which influence neurotransmitters and neuropeptides which in turn can help to regulate the immune system.


Through frequency and entrainment with sound, it's possible, and very easy, to down-shift our normal beta state of brainwave activity (normal waking consciousness) to alpha (relaxed consciousness), with the majority of participants able to reach theta (meditative state) and even delta states (where the body does it most effective healing work). Sound Bath and Gong Immersion is helpful for anyone who wants to give themselves a moment of relaxation or gain the benefits from meditation but has not yet learned how to implement a dedicated practice on their own.

Our breath can be a home base that allows us to meet life with a relaxed, wakeful presence. Sound Bath and Gong Immersion helps us calm and settle the mind with long deep breathing and intimate connection to sound establishing deep restoration and well-being. We relax, again and again, learning the pathway of homecoming to the aliveness, openness, and mystery that is always here in this moment.

Generally speaking, for beginners, meditation requires a verbally guided experience, i.e- repeat a mantra, count your inhalation and exhalations... etc.  Sound Bath and Gong Immersion is about letting the sound take us to a deeper place making it easier to arrive in a relaxed state without complicating how to get there. Sound is the vessel and it allows you to explore and identify what a meditative state is and how it feels. Because of this, these offerings are not only beneficial for beginners of meditation, a seasoned meditator will find just as many benefits.

Sound also has profound effects on our nervous system – helping to turn on our parasympathetic nervous system, which is our relaxation response. Many of us spend too much time with an overly active sympathetic nervous system, which is our fight or flight response. When we activate our parasympathetic nervous system we give our bodies a chance to downshift and relax.


Some of the many additional benefits of Sound Bath and Gong Immersions 

can include:


• Deep relaxation and meditative states

• Reduction of stress and anxiety

• Lessening feelings of anger and fear

• Increased feelings of happiness, joy, and tranquility

• Ease of chronic pain and inflammation

• Improvement of the human immune function

• Lowering of heart rate and blood pressure

• Stimulation of deeper sleep

• Reduction in chronic fatigue syndrome and depression

• Increased mental and emotional clarity

• Support in working through past physical and emotional traumas

The sounds facilitated during a Sound Bath and Gong Immersion are created by a wide range of instruments with different frequencies which include hand hammered bronze Himalayan singing bowls, quartz crystal singing bowls, gongs, drums, Shruti box, kyeezee, bells, tingshas, chimes, rainsticks, and more.


The experience begins with each participant selecting their own personal space and creating a comfortable area to rest on with cushioned mats, bolsters, pillows, and blankets. After a few minutes of introductory breathwork, we invite the body to establish a restful form that embodies aware relaxation. Participants are then led through a short guided-meditation to prepare the body and mind for the unfolding of sound and vibration. The remainder of the experience is filled with different tones and frequencies being introduced in succession. The purpose, and goal, is to induce relaxation and explore personal inquiry. At some point, while playing, I will more than likely walk around the space with a bowl or instrument. (This can be adjusted for trauma-informed offerings.)  

How do I attend a Sound Bath or Gong Immersion?

Gentle Earth offers public Sound Baths and Gong Immersions monthly at various locations within our greater community. Visit our Events page to view the listing of our upcoming offerings and to reserve your space. Prices range from $20-35 per person depending on the venue. 

What about private group sessions?

Are you a retreat organizer? Celebrating a special occasion? Do you have a notable birthday or wedding anniversary coming up? Perhaps you are honoring a milestone for your company or organization? Gentle Earth offers you the possibility to book a private Sound Bath or Gong Immersion just for your gathering, group, or celebration. Why not surprise your loved ones or amazing team with a unique experience? Betty can intuitively weave together an alchemy of sounds for a fully customized offering using a unique combination of gongs, singing bowls, drums, chimes, and more. Sessions can be organized at a time and date that suits you best (provided we have scheduling availability).

You can choose between 60-minute or 90-minute sessions, depending on your time, your budget, and how deeply you would like to invite your participants to go. Want to go deeper? This is fully customizable,
let’s talk!

Logistically, kindly take into account that we require:
- 60 minutes to set up the room prior to the actual start of the Sound Bath or Gong Immersion (with no participants in the room)
- 60 minutes to clear the space after the participants have left

The Venue
For private group sessions, we offer three options:
1. We come to your location (retreat center, organizational/corporate event, in-home gathering, yoga/wellness studio, church, temple... etc.)

2. We check to see if our home studio is available and if free, hold the event there (this involves an extra cost of $25-$35 for studio rental)
2. We choose a venue together and hold the offering there (this involves an extra cost for the rental of the venue)


Please note that not every venue is suitable for sound offerings. So, what makes a space suitable?
- Great acoustics (Betty will test that for you)
- Easy and direct access by car for transportation of the instruments with as little stairs as possible
- A clear, spacious, yet enclosed space (windows/walls) since a wide-open space is not as conducive for sound therapy
- Quiet atmosphere
- A private space so your group can stay in its own intimate ‘bubble’
- Yoga mats, cushions, bolsters, pillows, blankets, or comfortable seating for guests


(Please note that we will need to visit your venue prior to confirming the feasibility of the offering.)


$250 to $300 + travel fees (includes two hours required for setting up and re-packing instruments)

A .50 per mile travel fee will be applied if the distance is over 10 miles one way to the venue

An agreement for services will be prepared by Gentle Earth prior to the experience date which will then require:

- 50% non-refundable deposit to secure your booking via PayPal or Square (all major credit cards are accepted)
- Balance paid in full two weeks prior to the event via
PayPal or Square


Final Note

If you are interested in hosting a public event, the ticket price for the offering is set by you for your market area but we suggest $25-$30 for advance registration and $30-$35 for at the door pricing. We require a $300 guarantee (plus mileage if applicable) or 60% of ticket sales (whichever is greater). We encourage you to promote the experience on your website, social media, newsletter, etc. and we will also do the same. Additionally, we can work together to create a Facebook event page that we can mutually maintain and post to. 

Ready to schedule your private Sound Bath or Gong Immersion or host a public event? Contact Betty for booking!


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