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"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration." Nikola Tesla

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There is a noticeable shift currently taking place in our culture. In these modern times of technology overload and a general sense of global fragility, the quest to quiet the mind and find new ways to achieve deep relaxation feels more important than ever. This quest has led us into a new era of wellness—one in which many people are exploring complementary and holistic practices that have been around for a very long time. The process of manipulating sound for well-being can be traced back to 550-500 BC and the Greek philosopher Pythagoras, who utilized sound as a form of medicine to treat a variety of ailments. Today, sound is used in yoga studios and meditation classes, hospitals, palliative care, cancer treatment centers, and therapy practices around the world.

Sound Bath Meditation, or Sound Baths as they are frequently referred to, are highly meaningful and enriching solutions that allow us the opportunity to go inward on our own terms; to help combat the everyday stresses of modern life and support the overall health of the body, mind, and spirit. They are meant to help facilitate a shift in our brainwave state and can specifically entrain the human organism toward greater harmony and homeostasis (a state of equilibrium). A requirement for regenerating after experiencing periods of stress, injury, or illness. Sound and vibration can help restore regulatory function to a body that is out of tune and help maintain and enhance regulatory function to a body in tune. It can alter cellular functions through energetic effects or have deeply emotional effects which influence neurotransmitters and neuropeptides helping to regulate the immune system.

​Sound Bath Meditation helps us calm and settle the mind with long deep breathing and intimate connection to sound establishing deep restoration and well-being. We relax, again, and again, learning the pathway of homecoming to the aliveness, openness, and mystery that is always here in this moment.



  • Deep relaxation and meditative states

  • Reduction of stress and anxiety

  • Lessening feelings of anger and fear

  • Increased feelings of happiness, joy, and tranquility

  • Ease of chronic pain and inflammation

  • Improvement of the human immune function

  • Lowering of heart rate and blood pressure

  • Stimulation of deeper sleep

  • Reduction in chronic fatigue syndrome and depression

  • Increased mental and emotional clarity

  • Support in working through past physical and emotional traumas

The sounds facilitated during a Sound Bath Meditation are created by a wide range of instruments with different frequencies such as hand-hammered bronze Himalayan singing bowls, quartz crystal singing bowls, gongs, drums, harp, monochord, Shruti box, kyeezee, bells, tingshas, chimes, rainsticks, and more.


Gentle Earth private 1:1 Sound Bath Meditation sessions are the perfect way to practice regular deep self-care. Recipients lie fully clothed on a well-appointed therapy table supported by comfortable bolsters and blankets. Each experience begins with a few minutes of introductory breathwork as we invite the body to establish a restful form that embodies aware relaxation. Participants are then led through a short guided meditation to prepare the body and mind for the unfolding of sound and vibration. The remainder of the experience is filled with different tones and frequencies being introduced in succession. A multitude of hand-selected therapy instruments are intuitively played and each session is tailored to the individual and is never duplicated. Please note that private individual sessions are for one guest only.

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60 Minute Private Session - $75

90 Minute Private Session - $110


Practitioner Note: In the United States, numerous providers of educational services in the field of sound therapy use the term “Certification” or "Licensed" in relation to their in-person and online course offerings. It is important to understand that “Certification” or "Licensed" implies a legal term, which requires a professional organization to register and be overseen by a State-Approved Professional Board of Ethics and efficacy in their established field. 


There are extraordinary hurdles to this reality. For instance, each state in which a therapeutic method is practiced must have a State-Approved Board of Certification and Oversight Board for the ethics and efficacy of practitioners in that organization. To date, this practitioner is not aware of any sound therapy courses or organizations that meet the legal requirements for “Certification" or "Licensing." It is, however, legal to offer a “Certificate of Training” for someone who has paid for and attended so many hours of training and what the content of that training was. However, this has no legal weight as to the certified efficacy as a practitioner nor obedience to a State-Approved Professional Board of Ethics. 

In today's modern world, anyone can purchase instruments online or through local retail shops and facilitate "Sound Baths" or "Sound Healings." Regretfully, this does not promote actual academic learning, nor does it further the legitimacy, research, field study, or factual education in the field of Sound Therapy. As a practitioner and facilitator, I join colleagues nationwide in continuing to improve the professional efficacy and ethics of this field through peer-reviewed scientific studies while educating those that would seek my services.

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