Zen Therapeutic Bowls

Activate a vibration within you.


The Zen Therapeutic Series Bowl is an instrument designed for powerful vibration and long-lasting sustain. The application of these precision vibrations is accomplished by placing the bowl directly on the body so that the soothing pulse can easily penetrate body tissue. Designed specifically for Vibrational Sound Therapy (VST), bowls of the Therapeutic Series represent the highest level of refinement of any therapy bowl ever. Various sizes and geometries of bowls were crafted in this series to create a strong variety that covers the widest number of applications. Having this collection of bowls allows for the exploration of new techniques and methods within the realm of sound therapy. 


Benefits of using Zen “Therapeutic Series” Bowls can include:


• Reduction of stress and anxiety levels
• Lessening feelings of anger and fear
• Ease of chronic pain and inflammation
• Improvement of the human immune function
• Increased mental and emotional clarity
• Enhanced feelings of comfort and well-being
• Support for deep relaxation and pain relief
• Improvement in circulation and blood flow
• Lowering of heart rate and blood pressure
• Reduction of pain in cancer patients

• Increased feelings of bliss or joy
• Stimulation of deeper more profound sleep
• Synchronization of the right and left hemisphere in the brain
• Increase in learning ability
• Improvement in the management of ADD and ADHA
• Inducement of deep meditative states
• Support in working through past physical and emotional traumas
• Relief from fibromyalgia
• Lessening of chronic fatigue and depression
• Increased sense of tranquility


Each Zen Therapeutic Bowl is carefully designed and then hand created by the most skilled metal artisans using ancient traditions, the highest quality virgin metals, and modern science to formulate what is known as “the perfect therapy bowl."  Zen's strict quality control process ensures the highest standards in every step of production and they are the only manufacturer that provides a true Fair Trade Handcrafted Himalayan Singing Bowl. I am proud to offer my clients the experience of using Zen Therapeutic Bowls and Vibrapoint bowls during all of my Vibrational Sound Therapy (VST) sessions.


To learn more about the Zen Therapeutic bowls used by Gentle Earth Sound Therapy, please visit our instruments page.



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